AG Women Issue Cup for Cup Challenge

Kay Burnett, national director of AG Women, is inviting women of the Assemblies of God to participate in the all-new Cup for Cup Challenge Oct. 26-30 to benefit Calcutta (India) Mercy hospital, the 2020 project of Light the Way.

Light the Way is AG Women’s new missions initiative designed to bring practical help and the eternal hope of Christ to the victimized and marginalized. Launched in January, this inaugural year’s project is Calcutta Mercy hospital founded by AG missionaries Mark and Huldah Buntain.

“We are encouraging women to donate the price of their favorite daily coffee drink to Light the Way for a week — to give up their cup to fill someone else’s,” Evelyn Klingler, missions specialist for AG Women, explains. “Due to the disruption of the pandemic, we have a short time remaining in 2020 to raise significant funds for Calcutta Mercy which feeds, educates, and medically assists the needy. We can reach that goal if women and churches across the nation step in to do whatever they can.”

“We are focusing on Calcutta Mercy’s Mother and Child Center and thalassemia treatments,” explains Klingler. Thalassemia is a blood disorder that reduces the amount of oxygen blood can carry, with thalassemia major requiring regular blood transfusions. An estimated 10,000 to 15,000 children a year are born in India with this blood disorder. Many do not live past 12 years old without treatment.

Klingler says that because Light the Way is partnering with Calcutta Mercy, more women steeped in poverty can receive help for their children — children who may otherwise never receive help and perish. Even more importantly, giving to this project provides the opportunity for these families to hear and consider the gospel message.

Burnett believes that through women sacrificing their cups of coffee for a few short days and directing that money to the 2020 Light the Way project of Calcutta Mercy, countless lives will be impacted. Not only will the funds help provide needed transfusions, but they also help provide a place for families to stay as their child is being treated.

“AG Women have always given compassionately and generously,” Burnett states. “I believe we will see an impact like never before as we annually partner together to give to a designated cause. AG Women united for missions can change the world.”

To contribute online to Light the Way and the Calcutta Mercy Mother and Child Center effort, click here. All donations for the Calcutta Mercy project must be received by Jan. 31, 2021. Any donations received after that will go toward the 2021 project.

Source: AG



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