Evangel University Expands Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Evangel University is expanding its catalog of dual enrollment courses to better serve high school juniors and seniors who are interested in earning credit towards a college degree.

At just $65 per credit hour, these affordable and relevant courses allow students to save time and money in their pursuit of a high-quality post-secondary education.

“The opportunity to enhance our dual enrollment course offerings is strategic and timely,” said Chris Belcher, vice president of enrollment at EU. “Our goal is to make a college education as accessible and cost effective for our students as possible.”

The Springfield, Missouri, university is partnering with TEL Education, a non-profit curriculum and education technology organization, to provide these general education courses to students.

Evangel first offered a limited number of dual enrollment courses in 2019 and has since expanded the availability of college-level options for high school students.

Registration is open for dual enrollment courses in the spring 2021 semester, with additional course opportunities to be added for the summer and fall 2021 terms.

“This initiative demonstrates Evangel’s focus on reducing the overall cost and time to degree completion for our undergraduate programs.” said Mark Fabian, EU’s director of strategic partnerships and digital learning. “An early start to college is a head start on a future career.”

Course content will be customized to align with the university’s academic and program goals.

Dual enrollment opportunities are available to any student online and to local students in person at EU’s campus in north Springfield.

For more information about Evangel’s dual enrollment offerings, visit evangel.edu/dual.

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