Thoughtful Gesture Impacts Church's Single Seniors

What can a church do to bless their seniors and welcome them back after months and months of isolation due to fears of COVID? Clawson Assembly of God in Lufkin, Texas, seems to have a perfect plan — take them for a joy ride!

Recently Clawson AG held a drawing to take five of the church’s single seniors or senior widows out for a bit of a joy ride. For many of the church’s single seniors, they have spent months in isolation and, for some, it’s been nearly a year since attending a service due to COVID concerns.

But this wasn’t just any joy ride. This ride was chauffeured by Clawson lead pastor Josh Poage who borrowed a friend’s red Corvette convertible to pick up each of the seniors at their residence to enjoy a leisurely drive, the fresh spring air, and a sweet treat of their choice.

“I don’t know what I enjoyed the most,” says Earlene Feeler, an energetic 79-year-old who has attended Clawson AG since 2003. “Maybe it was just letting the wind blow through my hair and feeling like a kid again . . . it was like sitting on the pavement (the car was so low to the ground) — it was fun and I’d do it again!”

Feeler, who has not been attending church due to COVID, but plans to start attending again this week, says she really appreciated being able to get out and for the church being so thoughtful. “They don’t have to do it,” she says. “There are a lot of people in this world who don’t care about older people . . . it was really sweet of them.”

Poage says he enjoyed the time with the senior riders just as much as they did as it was a beautiful, warm spring day and a memorable and fun shared experience. Each of the rides were about 30 to 45 minutes and included a stop for a dessert of each senior’s choice, which ranged from carrot cake to a Reece’s Blast™.

“I could hardly get into the dream care of every generation because I was so excited,” wrote Geneva Ard, who claims a young 78 – with the wit to prove it. “I couldn’t keep from giggling . . . I will never forget all these first-time fun things!”

When asked about her choice of dessert, she admitted she got the Reece’s Blast™ and added with a sweet laugh, “You have to splurge once in a while!” Ard, who has been attending Clawson AG for 20 years, says that she too plans on returning to Sunday services — the first time since November.

“Each of the seniors were so excited for this day of fun (held March 29),” says Poage. “And I’ve witnessed how even the smallest gestures of kindness speak volumes.”

According to Poage, they hope to set up more rides with single and isolated church seniors in the near future.

Source: AG



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